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Beet burger patties + What's "healthy"?

I've been thinking a lot about what exactly "healthy" eating is. Everyone seems to be in love with ranking things, to the point that even diets are on the US News list. Setting aside the question of whether it's appropriate to pit diets - especially if they eliminate whole food groups - against each other, as well as cultural representation in these diets, a certain diet that's piqued my interest for its supposed neurological benefits.

The ketogenic diet. Have you heard of it? It maximises fats and minimises carbohydrates, and is based on the process of ketosis. This kicks in when your body is literally starved for fuel and, instead of running on carbs, converts fatty acids into ketone bodies during gluconeogenesis  (thank you, Human Physiology class). The ketogenic diet is the latest craze within the growing trend of being a "foodie", or "health-conscious" or what have you, probably because it promises an ad lib consumption of butter.


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